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Welcome to the Arts and Sciences home page for the Kingdom of Meridies!

These pages include information that will be helpful to local officers, entrants, and the populace in general. There is some repetition and cross-referencing in order to ease the fact finding process.

A letter from the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences:


Please forgive me for taking so long to post. I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire and Open. Between the two competitions, we had 69 entries! So many wonderful things to see and hear, we had a tie for Champion of the Art- Petros Mysticos and Rohais de Ravenscroft. Winners of the Populace Choice Open were Marek Medvednikov and Petros Mysticos for the Saxon Seax and Sheath.. Other winners were: Laurel's Prize: Isabella de Boyce and Thomas Paumer for 14th c. Islamic Scroll; OVO Novice Prize: Mathias Blackett for his Bardic Recitation of The Battle of Maldon; Costumer's Guild: Anna of Kirk for Greenland Child's Dress; Heraldic Prize: Sioban Love for Order of the Edelweiss Dress; and Children's Entry: Viktoria of Arenal. Thanks to all the sponsors and populace for donating to the prizes.

A special thank you to everyone who judged. Judging means volunteering to spend an hour or five looking and talking about a few entries in one's area of expertise and interest. I know it seems hard to believe, but it can be mentally draining to work on communicating your thoughts. I was so glad to welcome all the shadow judges who were interested in learning how the judging process works. Please, if you have any questions about your judging comments, feel free contact your judges or me. We want this to be a rewarding process for everyone.

I hope you all also we able to attend classes and check out the Guild Hall displays. Guilds are a great way to meet folks interested in the same thing you are. If you are looking for a guild, or interested in starting one, contact Mistress Nuala, our Guild Deputy.

A personal thanks from me to everyone who helped me set things up, juggle paperwork, and just plain keep me sane during the Faire and Open: Countess Gwendolen Isabella Stewart, Master Alexander Ravenscroft, Mistress Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross, Baroness Cathlin Sommerfield, THL Adrianna Stothard, THL Catelyn the Wanderer, and Lady Margret Northwode. I'm sure I've forgotten someone, and there was many good gentles who moved tables and chairs. I may not have gotten everyone's name, but you have my heartfelt thanks.

Yours in Service,

Mistress Maudeleyn, Kingdom Minister of the Arts and Sciences


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